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PVI is the developing partner and sole manufacturer of an innovative new technology, SunMotion™. Our motion activated, invisible ink technology combines transitioning imagery to tell your brands story in a unique way, drawing attention and driving sales.

A SunMotion™ display maximizes advertising real estate by alternating multiple graphics within the footprint of 1 display, while glorifying the actual product. A few key feature:

· Can be incorporated into new displays, promotional kits, shelf strips, temporary displays or retrofitted into existing programs.

· Customizable in shape, size, and finish.

· Runs on a power connection or battery – no need for WiFi or additional infrastructure.

· Display structure lasts for years, graphics update over multiple campaigns, at store level.

· Cost model that supports frequent refresh.

We launched SunMotion™ in Walmart this summer, in displays that replace existing static lightboxes. The displays lock into wall standards and are electrified through store power. By combining light and motion we put your actual product on center stage, make your brand stand out among stagnant displays, engage your consumer from a distance, and ultimately drive sales.